Ignition Team

With our Ignition Team we aim to start or restart more FIRST teams in our area. While the benefits for students are overwhelming, the job of starting and keeping a team can seem so, too. We hope to help this burden by providing mentoring in every area of starting a team. We originally developed a library of manual on technical skills to guide rookies through the build process. We have been fortunate to have some long-term sponsors, but we like to share our fundraising strategies and contacts with other teams to ensure that money is not a barrier to any team. In addition to providing the information on our website and sharing at events like our Bayou Workshops or the annual Jumpstart Build, we are willing to make in-person visits to teams to give more hands-on advice. The goal of our Ignition Team is to create a community of strong and stable FIRST teams.

Ignition Team Presentation– this gives a brief description of all the programs in FIRST with the purpose of introducing them to people interested in starting new teams.

NASA Grants– One of most loyal and beloved sponsors is NASA. If teams can qualify for a NASA grant, we highly recommend that they apply for one.